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Political Quiz



Dear readers: For a while now I’ve been posting long, serious – hopefully, thought-provoking – articles on the situation, both in Israel and in America, and in between too. It is high time now for a short, comic-relief post, in the hope that it will provide a moment of alleviation from the emotional tension of the violent conflict, and the political drama both here and in Israel. I do hope, though, that at its core, this quiz will provide also a moment of truth and reflection. As is my habit, also, as long as the outbreak of violence in Israel continues, and until the killings stop and the smoke clears – even if temporarily – I try to refrain from direct commentary on the situation.

Here goes the quiz, then. First, the setup: Imagine two American men, one named Rob, the other named Tom. (BTY: It can easily be two Israeli men, or two Israeli-American men.) Both are middle-aged, family men; both are equally educated and successful in their chosen profession; both are Jewish, and have visited Israel in the past. They are proud to have a relative or two there, and consider their support of Israel paramount. Both belong to the same Jewish congregation in town, and are equally active and supportive of the congregation. No criminal record to mention, in either man, no major infidelities to report, and no embezzlement on record. Quite the model citizens we have here in Rob and Tom.

The one major difference between the two, other than the different body stature and facial features, is that one is a right-leaning Republican, a conservative; the other is a left-leaning Democrat, a liberal. As well, when it comes to Israel, and the eternal conflict with the Palestinians, one of them thinks that A is the right way to go; the other thinks that B is the right way to go. (Hold on, don’t ask me yet what A and B represent. We’ll come to that later.) Now, this you need to know: Both Rob and Tom believe deeply, sincerely, wholeheartedly that their point of view on the situation in Israel is the correct one; and – even more importantly – should Israel’s leaders, with the support of the American leaders, will choose their solution as the way to go, it will secure the future of Israel, and Israel as a Jewish, democratic state. And with that, they also believe, it will secure the future of the entire Jewish people.

Here’s the big difference between them, however: When Rob voices his opinion on the matter – i.e. solution A – Tom respectfully disagrees with him. But, when Tom voices his opinion – i.e. solution B – Rob has the tendency, on occasions, to accuse him of hating Israel, of being anti-Jewish and even anti-Semitic. Sometimes, even a worse accusation than that (think Germany here, Holocaust, you know).

Now to the quiz: Please tell me, if you would, which one of these two men, Rob or Tom, is the right-leaning Republican/conservative, and who is the left-leaning Democrat/liberal.

If you think you solved the puzzle (not so difficult, is it?), post it as a comment here. While I cannot offer monetary prizes, bestselling books, or tickets to rock concerts, I will acknowledge those getting it right. Good luck!

* The “Leave a comment” link is the last tag below, in blue.

One Response

  1. insufficient information. if this conversation took place, say, 25 years ago, then the leftist would be the only one making harsh accusations of self-hatred and antisemitism (trust me, I’ve been there!); nowadays, intolerance can be heard on both sides.

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