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UN Security Council Resolution – A Palestinian State

Maybe yes, probably not. However, the train of statehood for the Palestinians has left the station, and it’s gaining speed. What’s more: there’s nothing Israel or America can do about it any longer, because in the end, the applause said it all: raptures, thunderous, genuine, sustained moments of standing ovation for Mr. Abbas, the Palestinian leader, and its cause. Two days earlier, Mr. Obama, the leader of America and the free world, so to speak, had received only polite, almost muted applause when he stood at the podium of the U.N. General Assembly. Mr. Netanyahu, PM of Israel, was more successful; receiving moderate applauds here and there as he cleverly, skillfully laid his case, but nothing of the sort that his adversary had received.

Why, you may ask yourself, am I opening my piece here with the triviality of the applause, and not with the far more substantive issues? The reason is that after months of preparations and expectations, and after a week of high political drama, climaxing in the speech by Mr. Abbas, and after the countless written and spoken words of commentary, covering all the issues from all possible angles (including here in a previous post: Black September Redux), the one thing that nobody had taken into account, the one variable element in this equation of words and maneuvers, was that Mr. Abbas’s speech would be so correct, so justified and so uplifting – “I have a dream” speech, almost; a state of dream – and at the same time that the way he and his words would be received, would also be the real game changer.

Israel and America, isolated in their tango-for-two as never before, are left to deal with the aftermath. The Quartet of nations is putting on the table all kinds of urgent suggestions as to how to move forward. Mrs. Clinton suddenly found her voice, and gives words once more to trite ideas that collapsed under her watch time and again. And all because the fact of the matter is, they all realize now where the winds-of-change are blowing, and where the sympathy of the world at large is directed. The speech and the forum may yet prove indispensable in achieving the just dream of the Palestinian People for a state of their own. And less we forget, the recognition of the Jewish state (side-by-side with an Arab state) by that same U.N. body in 1947 was what gave birth to the creation of Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu continued, of course, with his often-used rhetoric, at which he is an extremely capable advocate. But the simple choice that he has, and always had, of choosing between settlements and peace, occupation or war, remains elusive to him; he is simply incapable of taking this decision, though it’s closer than ever to his doorstep. I hope that, if he won’t change his course soon, the Israeli people will kick him out of office, with the best interest of all the people of Israel – including the rousing social movement as of late – taken into consideration. Maybe these two women, Likud’s Livni and Labor’s Yachimovich, would replace him and take the reins of government and direct it towards the road of peace. Because it’s now or never: a two-state solution for two Peoples, or a one-state – apartheid state! – for one people. Which would be disastrous for Israel and its people, and for Jews around the world. And because, friends and foes, the train has left the station. And either it will make its rendezvous with history peacefully, and will reach its destination and station at an independent, liberated Palestinian State, or it will crash into the abbeys of a big holy war.


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