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My Name is Facebook

–Who are you?
–Why, can’t you see?
–Can’t see anymore. I’m blind.
–Oh, so sorry. That’s why you sit here alone in the park wearing this funny hat and dark sunglass?
–Yes, my girl, this bench is my only true friend.
–I can be your friend, too. My name is Facebook.
–Facebook?!… What kind of funny name is that?
–It’s the name of the global social network. My father gave it to me.
–He should be punched in the face real hard, your father. That’s no name to give a little girl. What’s his name, anyway?
–Yes. And my mother’s name is Internet!
–I see. I think I’ve heard of that name before, long ago.
–You’re that old?
–More than you can count. Why did they give you that stupid name, anyway?
–It’s not stupid. I’m the daughter of the revolution, and Facebook helped us in our struggle.
–What revolution?
–The young people revolution.
–So I can’t be part of it, I take it.
–Yes, you can. Feeling young never gets old, my father says.
–I wish he was right. Give me your hand, little girl, I’m putting my walking cane aside.
–Here, can you feel it?
–Yes, it’s so tiny and warm.
–Now we’re friends. Let’s take a deep breath.

–So tell me, what was the revolution all about?
–About Freedom.
–Freedom where?
–OK, my girl, got you. But where were you born?
–In Tahrir Square.
–Where’s that?
–Egypt. In the city of Cairo.
–Did your people get any help from other people in the world?
–Young people everywhere helped us. But not other nations.
–Why not?
–The nations of the world supported the dictator, that’s why.
–I’m not surprise. But they have democracy in America, don’t they? And in Europe too, and Israel?
–That’s right. But it was very comfortable for them to keep it only for themselves. That’s why they made the dictator so rich, and the people so poor.
–Money always rule, I’ve learned that long ago.
–Not any more. Young people rule now, via the Internet.
–Via the Internet?
–Yes. It’s the only superpower left.
–Does it have any weapons?
–Yes: information and connection. It will get the Nobel Peace Prize next year, I hope.
–I hope so too.

–Why did you say this bench is your only true friend?
–Because it’s very reliable, always here when I need it. Ask me nothing in return.
–But your people friends, where are they?
–They are all dead now.
–Sorry to hear that. But never mind, now you have million of friends.
–How come?
–Through me, Facebook, remember? I friended you.
–Oh yeah. Sorry, my memory’s not what it used to be.
–My memory will never fade like that.
–Say what?
–It’s all stored forever in my flash drive.
–I see. How come they let you go to the park alone, your parents?
–I’m not alone, I’m with you. And with all my other friends around the world, too. Here on my cellphone.
–Oh, cellphone, I used to have one once.
–It has a video camera, and Google Earth too. That’s my father. He can see me all the time, and I can see all over the world with it, so whenever I see a lonely person, I come visit.
–That’s how you found me?
–Right. And now you’re connected, too. No more lonely.
–Don’t be so sure about it.
–I am. You’re my friend. Remember?
–Yes, we’re friends. But aren’t you afraid of an old, lonely man in the park?
–No, I’m not. I’m connected to all my friends now as we sit here and speak, and it’s being shown on YouTube.
–What’s that?
–Live video stream. All the time: 24-7.
–I’m glad I’m old and blind.

–Don’t be. It’s a different world now from the one you were born into.
–Yes, it is, Facebook. And you’re wise beyond your years, you know?
–I know. It’s because I was born in the revolution.
–Right. I will never forget you, my girl.
–And I will never unfriend you, old man. You will live with me forever.
–In the digital age.
–I see.
–I knew you could see. Here come the birds to keep you company.
–Thanks Nature. I can hear them now.
–Thanks Internet. Everybody can see them.
–I have some seeds for them in my pocket.
–Good. I will tweet you tomorrow from twitter. Buy now.


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