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A Two State Illusion

To present any opposition for a two-state solution as an indication of affinity for war is misguided.  Especially since it assumes that there is only one solution to any given problem. Rather than examine the validity of a two-state solution, I prefer to consider whether the Palestinians can foster a state to begin with.

I have to hand it to the Palestinians. Here is a group of individuals that have managed to invent their own history from scratch, and succeeded in convincing the rest of the world of it. There is not a shred of evidence to support the idea of a Palestinian nation or people. The usage of the term ”Biblical times” by my colleague on the left, in reference to the length of the Palestinians’ existence, is a testament to the Palestinians success in disseminating their invented ideas. One cannot argue beliefs with the fact that, before the 20th Century, much of what is now the Middle East was ruled by empires, most recently the Ottoman Turks. At that time there was no more a Palestine than there was an Israel.

However, years prior to 1948, determined Jewish immigrants created the building blocks for a future state along the vision of the Zionist movement. Even under occupation by the Turks, and later the British, they built agricultural posts (Petah Tikwa, 1878), and established institutions and agencies. The world famous art school, Bezalel, was established in 1906. The General Federation of Hebrew Workers was established in 1920, along with universities, hospitals, and even a philharmonic orchestra (1936). In short, the Jews prepared for a state long before independence.

By comparison, since the 1967 war, when Israel took possession of the land, Palestinians have had numerous opportunities to prepare for a future state but failed measurably. The exorbitant amounts of money that have been given throughout the years, by Israel and the rest of the world, could have been used to establish and improve education, health, and social systems for a future state. Instead, it was wasted, lost to corruption, plundered, and, worse, used to create weapons to fight Israel. The fate of the $900 million the US recently pledged to help Gaza was doomed even before the ink dried on the check.

One of the weakest arguments for a two-state solution, by my colleague on the left, deals with Hamas. This radical group, who took over after an Israeli unilateral exit from Gaza, and continues to sabotage any peaceful resolution (as my friend admits), is a major factor in the equation.  Hamas proclaims it is not willing to recognize Israel, not now, not ever; and has a charter backed by Iran and Syria to prove it. The violent nature and ideology of this group is so intense that they are willing to inflict it against their own Palestinian people from the rival Fatah group. After being kicked out of Gaza, this second largest Palestinian group controls some small parts of Judea and Samaria (aka the “territories” advocated in a two-state-solution). 

So now what? Considering that Palestinian society is split and marching only along the path of resistance, the answer is, “Nobody knows.” Where possible, unilateral separation on Israel’s terms seems necessary, even if it means the remaining Palestinian land would not favor the formation of a viable state. Regardless, a totally new Palestinian state of mind is a must in order to avoid the self destructive road they walk. Currently, there is no apparent solution, and it does not look promising, a three-state solution is not an option. The efforts of Egypt and other countries to put together the two halves of the Palestinian society seem artificial at best. 

Even the Israeli Arabs, while supporting their brothers and sisters, refuse to be part of any future Palestinian state. Perhaps they know what Israel suspects, that it would be a chaotic, non-functioning, ungoverned, and most likely undemocratic state.  

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