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From the left—Should Israel attack Iran’s nuclear facilities?

In the near future, I’d say no. As long as Bush and Cheney are in the White House, there’s still a good possibility that their “cowboy policy/mentality,” may lead them to try and do it before leaving office. And while I’m not suggesting here that they should go ahead with such an attack, I do suggest that if they do, it would be better for Israel and the Jews. First, because America is leading the international efforts to halt Iran’s progress toward accruing nuclear capabilities, and had threatened in the past to take such action; and second—more importantly—the aftermath of such an attack, whether a success or a failure, with all its implications to the stability of the Middle East, will fall squarely on the shoulders of USA and its allies, and not on Israel alone.

For Israel, which by plenty of evidence is preparing itself for such an attack, two things need to occur: First, a clear and present danger. In other words, a substantial proof that Iran possesses, or a bout to possess, a nuclear capability. There’s no indication of that yet, except bombastic rhetoric from all sides. In fact, the CIA itself has concluded that Iran had shelved its nuclear-weapon program five years ago. Second, a convincing argument has to be made that once in possession of such nuclear weapon, the Iranians— Ahmadinejad and the Mulas, the true rulers—would indeed be such fools as to use it for an attack on Israel. (Israel possesses, according to the “Center for Defense Information,” between 100-200 strategic and no-strategic nuclear weapons.) Set aside the utterly ridicules comparisons between Hitler’s Germany and Ahmadinejad’s Iran—most often used by those eager to attack—is there any reason to believe that Ahmadinejad, should he still be in power then, will act on his inflammatory, idiotic rhetoric and threats? Isn’t he in fact tempting Israel for such an attack? Should Israel decide to attack because of that, and blows the Middle East to pieces, he would be proven a very cleaver devil. Another proof, if any still nodded, that fools like him rule the world.

Lastly, according to a latest UN report, some forty nations approached U.N. officials and signal interest in starting nuclear power programs. Some of them, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are Israel’s neighbors. This is a tidal wave that would be very difficult on Israel—who is yet to sign the non-proliferation nuclear weapons treaty—to withstand. And who will be able to guarantee that none of these nations would progress in the future into a nuclear weapon capability nation? And what then: should Israel attack all these nations?

Of course not. What to do from Israel’s stand point in such a dangerous world is a subject for another discussion. It would be good to remember, however, that Iran is not Iraq of twenty-seven years ago, and the surprise element is gone. So for now, Israel should exercise patience and restraint. It would be better for us all.

4 Responses

  1. i assume that most, if not all, postings come from people inside the usa, citizens or at least residents. so what happens if there is a political or a military decision to be made — concessions on jerusalem or the golan heights, attacking iran, etc –where there is a benefit to the usa, but no benefit or a disadvantage, perceived or real, to israel. what then? i mean, it is automatically assumed that what’s good for israel is good for the usa, but this is hardly the case, is it? should the usa support israel even if there is a clear disadvantage in it? if so, why?

  2. OK, even if we agree that both are wrong the opportunity is still there. If the US is already a bad apple so to speak (because of Iraq) in the eyes of Russia, most likely being two bad apples, considering the other apple is saving the world from a potential nuclear war, may be worth it. Beside, since when does the US care what dictatorial-Russia says? :=)

  3. Maybe so. However, Russia is doing what it’s doing with impunity exactly because America has no moral or political power to prevent it. Since America invaded another country, Iraq, more than 2000 miles away from its borders, under false pretense and with disastrous results.

  4. Timing is everything…in my opinion, a rare opportunity to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions presented itself the day Russia invaded Georgia… Currently, Russia (and China) are major stumble blocks in dealing with the Iranian threat. The war in Georgia would have weakened Russia’s ability to object and criticize the US (and or Israel) for removing the threat.

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