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From the Left – Is Obama good for the Jews?

Let’s find out. For starters, anybody else in the White House—even Donald Duck—would be better than president Bush. Of course, this notion flies in the face of every pre-conceived belief most Israelis and American Jews hold, still under the euphoria of Bush’s visit to Jerusalem, to celebrate Israel Sixty Year Anniversary. The lowest rated president in the history of America, lower even than Nixon, is adulate in only two palaces on this globe: Israel and Albania.

We need to dispose of the long held conviction that for a president to be a supporter of Israel—and for that matter, for any other person, Jewish or not—he has to oblige with any wish of the Israeli government, and never say no to Israel. In fact, he should be able to point out the way to a new path for peace, even if the Israeli government is blind to it. We need more presidents the likes of Bush the father, (whose foreign policies Obama, apparently, endorses), who dared to say no to the late Israeli PM Shamir, and to the ongoing expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

These ever expending settlements brought with them—still bring, actually—the suffocation of any possibility of creating a true, viable Palestinian state in the West Bank. Bush keeps paying a lip service to that idea now and then, drawing the Hitler card from his hip on every opportunity, as if he was slinging his cowboy gun in a Texas salon. But he doesn’t have the capacity to understand the importance of stopping the settlements, nor the power and guts to enforce such policy.

Obama, on the other hand, will. If he is to be elected president—and that’s still a big if—he will bring with him the intellectual capacity, the knowledge of someone growing up in other places outside America, and the mandate for change backed by the citizens of this country. He will then be able to face the issues straight on; and not, as is most often the case, to cower under the pressure of Israel and the American Jewish lobby. Only then, we may finally have a chance for a dramatic, positive change in Israel and the Middle East, and for a true, lasting peace.

One never knows, of course, what a president would actually do once in office. And what the situation on the ground between Israel and the Palestinians would be. But judging by what Obama has said lately, that the U.S. needs a foreign policy that “looks at the root causes of problems and dangers,” he already has one leg ahead on the current president. And therefore may do what’s really good for the Jews, Israel, and the world as a whole: true and lasting peace.


One Response

  1. Obama stuns AIPAC ( but not me… ) with his reversal on statements he made few days earlier (June 4th) about Jerusalem.

    See story supporting link.


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